Writer Producer

Gatha Tiwary is the president and founder of Lions Movies. NEW ME is her first feature film as a writer and a Producer. Her stories are more inclined towards women empowerment and unveiling their coveted and emotional side. Her writing is fearless, and she wants to tell true tales close to her heart. She has written dozens of screenplays and her next feature in pipeline are BLESSED BE THE EVIL & AMERICAN IMPORT.

Director Writer Producer

Anurag Rudra is from Jamshedpur, a small town in India. 20 years ago, he came to the USA to pursue an education in Medicine. He later started a very successful business managing his own offices in several countries giving him reasons to travel, more people to meet, more inspiration to feed his passion for writing and telling stories to anyone he meets.

Rudra went to the most prestigious school UCLA to learn the skill & art required for filmmaking. Eventually he left his business and became the filmmaker he always wanted to be. His first production was a feature-length documentary TAILING POND which was qualified & considered for 93rd ACADEMY Awards. His directorial debut feature film NEW ME was premiered at CANNES in 2022. Rudra has several upcoming projects, and envisions contributing Hollywood & Bollywood with new, original and fresh cinema to be seen around the world.

Writer Editor Executive Producer

Internationally Practiced Marketing Strategist and Business Planner, Published Author and Translator, Researcher in Culture and Ethnography of Indian Tribes, Law and Public Policy Enthusiast.

Raj who holds a Marketing MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Doctorate in Management, is the President and CEO of Braintree Ventures, a New York based management consulting and advisory firm focused on the Emerging Economies including South Asia and India.

A passionate champion of cultural diversity and human values, Raj has also lately been exploring opportunities to share his inclusive viewpoint through the medium of films, documentaries and writings. In order to realize his avowed objective of reaching out to the masses he has co-founded and promoted Lions Movies and is now engaged in several creative projects under its banner that are destined to leave lasting footprints on the canvas of time and memory.